A piece of serenade

Thanks for letting me, again and again?

As you’ve let me before on a number of things

It’s just a penny for my thought

Something that I ponder on these days

Have you ever feel that you need to pause and think which direction to manouvere life,

Thats how I thought of it

Perhaps love is something that needs to be earn,

You will be love as much as you have earned,

Once love has been give  it is as if you have been given a stage to perform on,

Every move will be eyed,

It could be love found me when I am not ready for the play,

But who am I to say about love’s timing

Things happen accordingly to time despite my belief,

Do I still believe in love,

I must say I do,

In my kind of love,

Although thoughts about it keeps me awake,

All night long