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Gradual hints for Darkside Detective - A ...

Gradual hints for Darkside Detective - A Fumble in the Dark

Jun 07, 2021

Darkside Detective - A Fumble in the Dark is the sequel for the first Darkside Detective game. I played both of the games really close to each other while I, naturally, wrote the gradual hints for them.

There is a clear continuum in this second game from the first game. The first case deals with the ending of the first game (not spoiling anything more) and from there on it is mystery cases with otherworldly puzzles.

Talking about puzzles. I think this second game really amped up the puzzles. They are a little more challenging yet still being logical. The amount of back-and-forth traveling is also, again, kept in reasonable amounts. Hotspot functionality helps a lot even though it sometimes shows spots where there is nothing to click, really.

If you liked the first Darkside Detective you definitely should try this one out, too. Gradual low-spoiler hints for it is at https://www.nicegamehints.com/guide/darkside-dt-fumble.

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