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I write guides and articles on all things related to web-development, computer repair, retro game console modding, and product reviews. I love finding and sharing solutions to tech problems that don't already have answers on the web!

I've also been maintaining a big list of fiberglass-free mattresses since 2019. It started when I was shopping around for my daughter's first "big girl" bed and was shocked to learn many popular memory foam mattress brands contain fiberglass. Even more shocking were the horror stories from people online of fiberglass shards being released from their mattresses and spreading through their homes, some were never able to get rid of the fiberglass and had to move. I posted the "research" on my website. The post became so popular that it ended up out-ranking all of the other tech-related articles on my website - Go Figure! 😅

All donations will help me in maintaining my website and making new posts.. okay, some might buy coffee too! -John Snow