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jsPanel, a javascript library to create highly configurable floating panels, modals, tooltips, hints/notifiers/alerts or contextmenus for use in backend solutions and other web applications.

jsPanel is Open Source and free. However, if you like my work and want to support it I'd be very grateful if you buy me a coffee. Thank you for your support!

José Manuel Bouzán
José Manuel Bouzán bought 5 coffees.

Beautiful and great work.

Thank you very much José. I appreciate that a lot 😊

Joao Oliveira bought a coffee.

Great piece of Software. I hope this coffee helps you keep moving ahead.

Thanks a lot Joao 😊 I'll do my very best!

Temuri bought 5 coffees.

I hope datepicker extension will see the light of day sometime :-)

Hey Temuri, thanks a lot for the pot of coffee 😊 Well, lately I didn't find a lot of motivation to code new stuff other than fixing the one or the other bug. But I promide to look at it again 😉 

@jmfinn9 bought 3 coffees.

Thanks for this! Enjoy the coffee.

Thanks a lot 😊 Just enjoying a steamy cup to start the day ...

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