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J Svogar was born in Sacramento, California, in 1982. She was raised by her mother, moving around the city for her mother's successful child care business. This instilled in her a wanderlust for living in new, exciting places. She spent much of her childhood in San Francisco and at the beach, giving her a sense of wonder and the mystic joy of the city life, which she still enjoys to this day.

She started writing at a very young age, and hasn't stopped since. She began with short stories, but has expanded out to many genres including fantasy, erotica, romance, noir, and horror; she also writes in many formats, such as novellas, full-length novel, essays, and poetry.

She has two published novels to date, a romance novel called "Dialos: Eternal Love", and a fantasy novel entitled "Mara's Journey". She has also published a book of essays, titled "Hate, Popularity, and Other Things That Happen At Midnight".

She currently lives in Reno, Nevada, where she spends most of her time on her computer, working on many different projects and hounding her friends on social media, where she also connects with other writers. If she isn't found on her laptop, she is found watching the Burners return from Burning Man with their art installations, or trying to decide which kind of dog she wants.