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"We've Waited Song"

This is an UNLISTED clip - A special treat.

Rough cut CLIP of a song I wrote about 1 1/2 or 2 years ago, now I am waiting to get it mix and mastered.

It's got a wonderful story, which I hope to tell one day.

Song Title: "We've Waited"

Anyway, I sing pop, jazz, rnb, latin music and country very well. Musical theater I sing OK (Steven Rodgers is too kind) and opera I must say in my prime I wasn't too shabby. I can blow. But, it's been years and many of those talking loudly over children...and then I just stopped using my voice for years upon years.

Some people think I don't sound black enough, whatever that means. I got that from both sides of the aisle all my life. Yes, some gospel really doesn't fit my timbre and I prefer Jazz. I am versatile enough. I am enough.
It'd be lovely to have more time to practice, again.

I got a little tune I wrote about 3 years ago, and it was also very rough cut and I think I forgot how to play it on the keys now, lost my notes, and I just can't bare the keys anymore. That one is called "Downtown Mary", you may request the link if interested, by making a purchase.

As you know I am the vocalist on the clip above, on the guitars are Cory Clark IG @coco90 he arranged the instrumentation too, my brother is the producer and I have chosen an audio engineer already.

I hope you enjoy.

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