He knew she would be coming home soon. He couldn't wait. It was Saturday and they had a relaxing day. She had left to go to the store to pick up his favorite drink. She was great like that.

He couldn't wait to see the look on her face when she got back. He had left her a nice surprise on the bed. He heard the keys in the door. She came in and put his drink in the fridge, going on about how he could drink that stuff...she did that all the time, playfully teasing him about it.

He asked her to go grab some meaningless item from the bedroom. She didn't ask why, she just went to get it. Then he heard her gasp. He yelled towards the room for her not to come out until she put it on.

He couldn't wait to see her in it. He loved buying her things that complimented her sexy body.

She stepped out of the room slowly and seductively. He could see the shiny crystals hanging between her breasts, moving as she walked towards him. She knelt in front of him and tugged at his pants...her next words music to his ears... devilish grin on her hungry lips...

"Now I need a pearl necklace, don't I?"


Hope you enjoy!