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Hey! 🥳

If you are here I assume you know me and my Youtube channel, but if not: I'm making bass covers with tabs on Youtube (not only with tabs but animal videos, cloud time lapses, brooms, cats...) by bands like Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, Cigarettes After Sex...

While I'm making these covers, I often get tired, so sometimes I need some fuel, like coffee. If you buy me some coffee, I will be very grateful and energetic.

Of course, I would like to give you back something. Per coffee ☕️, you can choose something for yourself from this list below:

🎁 Free download link to one of my original albums (Moments with Birds or Evening On a Balcony or Fire & Lights or Hiraeth)

🎁 A downloadable .zip file with all of my bass tabs which I have in PDF format (~50)

🎁 Choose 3 of my original songs which you would like to learn and I will send you tabs or videos if necessary.

Have a great day and thank you very much if you are considering to support my little channel! 🥳


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Chris Bell
Chris Bell bought 5 coffees.

Like I said before, keep doing what you're doing. Much love. You're an inspiration.

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zahara nordin
zahara nordin bought a coffee.

cant give much but thank you so SO much for what you do! really appreciate it

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