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Anecdote of Yuji Chapter 2

Feb 28, 2022

Yuji walked as if he was in a trance. The man called out to him but Yuji continued walking towards the spirit. The spirit had a weird creepy smile on its face. Yuji got closer and closer to it and suddenly he raised his dagger and beheaded it. The spirit was caught out of guard and its head fell to the ground. Yuji just acted like he was in its control so that he'll be able to catch it off guard and exorcise it. Yuji then looked back at the man, who was already at the door trying to run away, and said "I'm alright, thanks for calling me". Yuji then looked at the spirit, who was slowly disappearing , the spirit had 3 eyes like a cyclops and his body was slender and long like the slender man. Suddenly Yuji felt eyes on him and he looked up to find the spirit there and this time there were two of them. He was shocked but yet calm. He charged at them and made quick work of them. He was sure there was only one and these two came out of nowhere.

Yuji took a long breath and knew it wasn't over yet. There were 4 of these spirits coming at him now. These spirits were weak but their mental powers were strong. It constantly called out to him in his mind but since his will was strong and he reinforced his body and mind with cursed energy ,just like how Yuta taught him years ago , he was able to stop their mental attacks.

He slashes all of it but the number of these spirits were increasing by the minute. He then finishes the ones in front of him and goes inside a room and calmly thinks of what to do next. But the spirits came charging at him and he knew he should have brought in atleast one of his friends to support him, how could he though they were all occupied with their missions. He didn't think of this anymore and focused on the battle. He got serious now and had a smile on his face. He used an attack that made all of the cursed energy that was reinforcing his body charge out and explode like a bomb. He called it " Energy Explosion " , yeah his naming skills are that of a preschoolers nonetheless the attack cleared out all of the spirits inside the room but the room was destroyed too. All of the tables and chairs inside room were destroyed completely. There were even cracks and dents in the walls.

Yuji then tried to focus and sense out the spirits. There were more coming at him from all directions. He concentrated more to find out if he could find out the core of where these spirits were coming out of. Suddenly he felt a strong negative energy oozing from the top floor. He was there a few minutes ago while rescuing the man but no one was there at the time. He knew it might be the main spirit controlling these side ones. The spirits came at him once again and he with his quick agility slashes and kicks them and headed out of the room towards the rooftop. These spirits never stopped coming at him but Yuji slashed them out of his was. These spirits looked the same and were very weak without their mental power. He proceeded to clear out each floors and he had 6 more floors to go.

After a while, he reached the top floor and found the spirit with the most energy. It was sitting there with a smug on it's face as if it was waiting for Yuji. Yuji knew it wasn't a regular spirit. It could be a special grade. He had no time to waste as there were more of the other spirits there, glaring at him.

He runs towards the main spirit while attacking the weak ones and suddenly the spirit makes a sign with its fingers and Yuji got engulfed in smoke.

He understood it was a domain expansion but he remained calm. The domain looked like an office space with lots of cabins and out of thoae cabins , came out the cursed spirits. The main spirit then talked to Yuji , it said " You are done , just jump off the building and die." Yuji was about to say something when he saw some regular office people coming out of the cabins. They looked pale and dead. He thought they were the ones that the spirit killed. There were atleast 15 of them. Yuji wasn't sure what to do. He was terrified thinking how could he harm them. Yuji wasn't a cold guy. He could kill thousands of cursed spirits but he would never kill a person.

That's when he heard a different voice in his mind and it said " Don't hesitate and kill them all if you want to live or let me do it for you, its been a while. "

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