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Anecdote of Yuji Chapter 3

Mar 06, 2022

It was Sukuna. Sukuna wanted to come out but Yuji denied it. Yuji will never let him out again. It's been 5 years since Sukuna last came out and he is trying to get out but Yuji's will is too strong for him to resist. These office workers came at him and he kept trying to keep them away by kicking and punching them. He knew it was all useless and he looked at the main spirit glaring at him. Yuji decided it was enough and its time to end this.

He made a sign with his hands and said "Malevolent Shrine". All of the cursed spirits inside the spirit's domain were shredded to pieces. The office worker spirits started wailing and screaming as if they were real human beings and this made him flinch but he knew it wasn't real and this had to be done.

Yuji's domain conquered the curse's and the main curse was finished by the slashes. Before dying, the spirit had a look on its face. Yuji was taken aback but it's still a curse that took the lives of many. No matter what face they show he won't and can't forgive them considering all that he went through. It was the curse spirits that took his dear friend's life. A friend whom he had cherished and wished would always stay by his side but dreams like this seldom become real.

Yuji just stood there for a while, again thinking of his friends who lost their lives, especially his friend who had helped him all the time. Sukuna interrupted this moment and asked Yuji "doesn't it feel good?". Yuji doesn't reply nor does Sukuna say anything more.

Yuji then went downstairs and looked for the man. He was lying unconscious on the floor. Yuji carried him out of the building and he was greeted by a few police officers who heard the man screaming. Yuji then told them he fixed what was wrong with the place and he left them with the man.

An ambulance was called and the man left in it. Yuji then rang up his colleague Takanashi and filled him in. Takahashi did the rest.

Yuji just wanted to go home and sleep now but he was hungry so he decided to grab some food before heading to the metro station.

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