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Anecdote of Yuji Chapter 4

Mar 08, 2022

Yuji decided to have some udon and he went to Teuchi Udon Kotobukian. He had heard about this place from Ijichi. Ijichi loved udon and he recommended this place to everyone he knew. Yuji went in and ordered a hot kare udon ( curry udon ). It was spicy but he liked it a lot and decided to grab another bowl. He finished and thought of thanking Ijichi for recommending the place.

He went out and headed to the train station. He took a ticket to Tokyo. He got on the train and comfortably sat on a window seat. He thought of taking a nap since it'll be 15mins before the train departed and it'll take another 40 mins to reach Tokyo. He slept and slept through the ride and when he woke up, he realized the train had passed Tokyo and reached Shibuya. He got out and asked one of the staff when the next train back to Tokyo was. Unfortunately, the next one was 2 hours later. So Yuji decided to take a walk around Shibuya. Shibuya is the epicenter of all the chaos that happened in his life. Yuji thought what if Shibuya Incident never happened, would his dear friend be by his side now. This wasn't the first time Yuji had thought of this but seeing the city again brought back the painful memories he had gone through.

He walked around mindlessly thinking of all the events. How Sukuna killed a lot of people and took Toge's arm and how he fought Mahito. Then he thought of Gojo's unfortunate sealing and everything else. Yuji kept walking and found himself lost. An hour had passed since he started walking and it was a terrible walk that destroyed his peaceful mind.

Yuji took out his phone and looked up directions to the train station and headed towards it.

On the way, he heard someone screaming. It was a girl's voice. It came from the nearby alleyway. He rushed there and found a girl being tormented by 5 guys. Yuji walked towards them and asked them to let go of the girl. But these delinquents asked Yuji to piss off. But Yuji didn't and punched the one holding her hand. And then he pulled the girl towards him and asked whether she was alright. Before she could answer, another one of the delinquents came at him with a knife. You looked around and saw the ones standing holding knives. The first one he punched was knocked out and he thought to himself whether he was too hard on the guy. He stopped thinking and just went in for the guys. He knocked all of them out.

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