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Welcome to my BMC page. If you enjoy my blogs, videos, newsletters or gear reviews, then please consider buying me a coffee.

The dream…

All funds raised will go towards a lifelong dream of mine which is to complete the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT).  The Pacific Crest Trail is 2,650 miles long (4,265 kilometres. Starting in Mexico and finishing in Canada). 

My plan is to complete this trial in three sections (2 months at a time, starting in April 2023). 

It will take me approximately 6 months of walking where the weather ranges from 44 °C in the desert to battling through the snow in temperatures under -6 °C.  

I will sleep in my tent in the wilderness for the larger part of the journey (keeping costs low), but once in a while, I will enter towns along the trail and spend a civilised night in a motel or hostel.  

Battles to overcome… 

Of all the things to be scared of on the PCT, bears and mountain lions are the least of my worries. Lightning strikes and wild snow storms will have me running for cover; rattlesnakes make frequent appearances and butt chafe might strike at any moment (so I'm told!). 

My intention is to vlog about my journey and to write a book about my experiences.  With your support, I can make this dream come true.  

Where will the money be spent? 

The experts say that a thru-hiker will spend approximately $1000 a month (£850), so my goal is to save/raise a minimum of £8k.   All funds raised will help towards permits needed, food, the backpacking gear and multiple hiking boots I may need, flights, hostels and hotels. 

Apparently, 60% of thru-hikers fail to complete the PCT due to a negative mindset or running out of money.  

I am super optimistic and have a strong mindset, and I hope to be part of the 40% that gets to touch that Canadian terminal with pride! 

Although this project will be mainly self-funded, every little helps and is truly appreciated. 

Thank you for your support!

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