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☣️ One of the most commonly used safety advertisements on bleach packages always call for ”not mixing it with other cleaning products”. Why is that?

☣️ When mixed with ammonia, the chlorine in bleach converts to chloramine gas and that can become very harmful for both children and adults’ systems, producing: nausea, coughing, teary eyes, chest pain, throat, eye and nose irritation and even pneumonia.

☣️ Ammonia is already in glass cleaners, bathroom cleaners (so most likely are used together with chlorine bleach whether before or after) and most importantly, it also appears in human urine – which means, cleaning your surfaces that might contain urine with a chlorine mix, might result in higher toxicity!

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1️⃣ Water filters that reduce or eliminate chlorine (bleach) from your water system, whether that is your shower or tap drinking water – both of them are equally important as they come in contact with your body.

2️⃣ Distilled vinegar (so just vinegar on its own) might not smell best but it works wonders to clean surfaces whether fat or just dirt.

3️⃣ Essential oils, what I do is mix vinegar with couple drops of lemon essential oil (that naturally kills harmful bacteria) in a glass pulveriser as the acid in lemon oil can wear off plastics.

4️⃣ Homemade all-purpose spray by adding 5 drops lemon essential oil + 5 drops tea tree essential oil mixed in a glass pulveriser with just enough warm water (might be irritant to animals, so be careful!)

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