⚪ White light shines through

Gently pulling back the curtains

Awoken by sounds

Within the silver glow

Beneath the river..

A pathway is lit

Full of encapsulated dreams

Awakening the sounds

Within you ⚪

- J.F.

◽Where are you hiding?

◽What do you need to shed light on in order to heal, to grow, to become the best version of you that you know you can be?

⚡⚡This is an invitation for you to... ⚡⚡

🕯Go within

🕯Go on a journey into your vessel

🕯Hold the light, shine it on your shadows..

🕯Move gently through, knowing you're supported..

🕯Release in form of writing, purge the unwanted..

🕯Rewrite and create your life from within you.

I am here to support you through this journeying within.. link is in comments if you're feeeeeling it!! 🗝🔓🧘🏽‍♀️🌹

With love + gratitude to YOU

Who is doing the inner work..

For your ultimate Inner Truth Expansion, for the Co-creation of Heaven on Earth 🌏🌈🦋