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Hi !
I'm Julien, a information security professional,  passionated since many years in Cyber Security and living in South Korea.

In 2018, I have started to publish on LinkedIn every time I found a really cool document that could also help other professionals with limited resources: 

OSINT guidelines, cyber threat reports, white book, CTF sites, security audit report, training books for certifications, DFIR docs etc...  

In 4 years more than 22,000 people are now following me and it makes me motivated to still share EVERY WEEK DAY a top quality document.

* Here is my last contribution for my community :
- a GIANT excel repository gathering hundred of free links if you are looking for a training, install a vulnerability lab, watch excellent cyber youtube videos, listen to pros podcasts, or having access to professional networks for cyber professionals.

And all the links are working !

Any support on Buy me a Coffee would be greatly appreciated and will go toward the cost of maintening all those free resources up-to-date.

You can also join me on Linkedin.