Dec 07, 2022

Untitled Scene One

ANEL is sitting at the bar drinking water and an Ace’s pineapple hard cider. Resting on HER chest is a crossbody bag. There is a MAN flirting with a WOMAN.How about this: I buy you a drink, we talk, and if by the time you finish your drink you’re sick of me, I’ll leave you alone. But if you finish your drink and you’re not sick of me… we see where it goes?The WOMAN smiles.I have to powder my nose.The WOMAN starts to walk away, stops, turns back to the MAN.Espresso... more

Dec 06, 2022

A woman orders a rosé, requests it to be empty.

Just bring the whole bottle on the side.The woman whines into the glass, drinks the tears in between her sobs. She chokes on her sadness. The flavor is bitter, a heavy salt lathers and fizzes inside her cheeks. Her gasping weeps rattle the nearby tables and chairs. Customers duck and cover, awaiting the aftershocks of her seismic anguish. When they notice the coast is clear, someone asks if she’s alright. The woman places her fingers in the corners of her lips and tightly lifts them until... more

Sep 22, 2022

First day of fall

and as the ground concaves we hear the shrieking of the daughter she couldn’t savethe sound of suffering once again fills the air like poison, shriveling the crops, melting down the trees until they are nothing but mounds of loose bark and dead leavesthe earth shattering echoes like the memory of her daughter’s first cry after she was bornand just like thatDemeter is barren once more

Sep 20, 2022

I forget you more and more each day

It’s two in the morning and my fingers ignore my brain and begin searching for your name hidden at the bottom of my messages; our last words escape me, but I almost cave and say helloalmost forget myself and tell you I miss the ways we used to cradle each other’s air in one another’s handallowing space for us to relearn how to breatheI never thought I’d be learning without youThe roots of our chakras begin to snap beneath us and I’ve lost my balanceas if you were... more

Sep 04, 2022

space click click space delete delete delete

I have several drafts of texts I think about sending you. I’ll open one, read it, then press delete. Our seemingly forever has now turned into once upon a lifetime ago and I wish we knew each other the way we used to, not in skin to skin, not remembering the way our hearts drummed against one another or the way our breath wrapped around the inside of the other’s throat. This isn’t a song of lust. It’s a lullaby of crushed realities. I long for the silent ways we could... more

Aug 12, 2022

I don’t miss you like I thought I did (I’m) (lying)

Something about keeping a sweater I outgrew hoping one day I’d fit into it again and something about it collecting dust and slowly absorbing the stench of plastic after being shoved away into the attic that’s too hot to sit in so I don’t go up there because the heat is suffocating but I think of my sweater with the elbow patches and small hole in the pocket and I keep telling myself it’ll be mine once more and something about it leading back to you

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