Jun 21, 2022

something about #5

Something about my skin being the earth’s mantle and my veins are fault lines pushing past each other, aching side by side waiting for the world beneath them to horrifically moan in bone crushing agony, splintering until I’m certain my infrastructure is completely demolished. the lava, once trapped in my core, unleashes and drowns me from the inside until I turn to ash

Jun 20, 2022

something about #4

Something about spilling ashes on the page of my favorite poetry book

Jun 19, 2022

something about #3

Something tickles my shoulder and I flinch, throw my chest forward as a gasp sneaks through my lips. I look back thinking I’ll see something creepy and crawly and all teeth and grotesque burrowing it’s claws into my skin but it’s a strand of my hair falling away from my bun and I have to laugh at my theatrics, I’m just so melodramatic this way, so make something out of nothing, so why are you making this a bigger deal than it needs to be, so this isn’t about you,... more

Jun 18, 2022

something about #2

Something about the table being uneven, am I shaking or is it everything around me and something about my mind flinching that makes my vision seem like an old VHS tape where you see the specks of static from the film strip but its so quick you don’t know if it was real or not and you don’t ask anyone else if they saw it because even though they most likely probably did what if just maybe what if oh god what if they didn’t

Jun 17, 2022

something about #1

Something about keeping a sweater I outgrew hoping one day I’d fit into it again and something about it collecting dust and slowly absorbing the stench of plastic after being shoved away into the attic that’s too hot to sit in so I don’t go up there because the heat is suffocating but I think of my sweater with the elbow patches and small hole in the pocket and I keep telling myself it’ll be mine once more and something about it leading back to you

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Jun 12, 2022

New Bath & Body Works Scent: crisp longing
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