Suuuuper excited to share my latest zine!

HOW TO FIND & WORSHIP YR URBAN GODS is a mini-guide for you to get to know your city better through walking and creating your own spiritual connection to your surroundings. Or more succinctly: "Walk around your city. Pretend you're god."

You can download and print this zine and keep it in your pocket or wallet. Also available is a text-only version.

It seems silly to charge for these small zines, but that doesn't mean tips/donations aren't appreciated. You can donate through here or through the download page on

Do you like the cover photo? I took it with a circuitbent digital camera that an acquaintance of mine made. I have been loving taking pics with this thing, and I can't wait to share more through future projects.

Let me know what you think! What gods did you find?