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Hey 👋 I'm a junior doctor who is near the end of my training. Like most of you I've experienced many of the issues that we have with training at the moment.

While I've had many great placements, I've also had many not so great placements. Jobs where teaching seemed to be a dirty word, where training was long distant memory and where your only reason for existence is to carry the bleep. I've filled in the GMC training survey diligently every year and never really seen a difference made. I've experienced the inertia of Oriel and it's inevitable yearly crash just when we need it the most. The two lines of information (if that) we get on each job and our expected to make decisions and uproot our families and lives for. 

I think we can do better.

That's why I've set up to provide services and apps that help make our lives easier and to help build a community where we can share information in a more structured way and empower us all with the information to make informed decisions about our lives and futures.

There are no ads on and no external funding so all the costs are out of my own pocket. Any donations are hugely appreciated 🙏 and will help pay for the servers that keep the website running 🥰.