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As a family we have received a calling to step into Christian mission. This means that God has made known to us that he intends to use us on the mission field. Mission comes in many kinds: from relief work to translating the bible. Typical of mission however is the gospel. The drive of the missionary is the good news that God sent His Son Jesus Christ to this world to carry the punishment we deserve. Because of this, the way to God is open for all men. Missionary work is preaching the Gospel through words and through deeds. Our hearts go out to founding churches amongst African people who have never had the chance to hear about Jesus. We currently live in a small rural village among the Antanala people on Madagascar. So far we have been working on translations of many Bible stories in the Tanala dialect. We also started to translate portions of the Bible. We use these materials to teach the people about the one and true God (YHWH) and His saving Son, Jesus. Please, join us!