Who knows me, they know I'm not all about that $$$, paper, money ( altho we can't work for free :). So many times I love to offer my services ( photo/video ) with an ultimate "discount" because I just wanna help and give what I can. I'm all about experiences, helping, building relationships and longer partnerships, doing what I can with what I know to make people smile, happy, fulfilled.


At this point it's very hard to do that during this lockdown and I see now how much I loved shooting and creating with people. It's never easy to ask for "charity" but also I don't look this as that, I look it as a gift of giving.

Giving support

Giving minimum that means maximum

In return, I will do everything that I can so you can feel my gratitude, and that includes :

  • You will be featured on my Instagram story as a thank you and also I will offer 1 photo retouched and edited by me ( shot professionally or with your iPhone :) )

  • You can ask me anything related to videography and photography for tips and tricks anytime. Also offering 1 on 1 online.

  • 10% Discounts on future photo/video shoots

  • Will follow you on Instagram ( not that that's important lol ) 

I hope everybody stays well and healthy, and can't wait for all of this to be over so we can continue to create... Thank you <3