How do you know I'll be able to understand and help?

Im a Marine Veteran, Mom, Wife, Ive worked in the legal profession for 17+ yrs, and Ive SURVIVED at LEAST 7 DIFFERENT LIFE EVENTS, that SHOULD HAVE killed me.

Im a survivor of child rape and domestic assault/abuse.

I UNDERSTAND WHAT A HARD LIFE IS, and I CAN BE COMPLETELY unbiased with any questions/answers (unlike most family and friends), because I am also unabashedly honest and blunt.

My life's goals, have always included, helping others in their times of great need.

I feel like this is my life's purpose.

I have watched after and guarded, those who werent able to defend themselves; and this is what I believe, that Im destined to still continue.

So, me a coffee, and let's talk!

Let's get your mind cleared and your heart unburdened.

I am here to help!