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Hi, I'm Justine! 👋 Fun tidbit about me, I was actually a Piano Performance Major 🎹 before switching to Interaction Design. I was never the designer of the family (that’s my sister), people thought my stick figures were hot dogs, and in the eyes of others, I was never “the design girl” at school. I didn’t even know design in tech existed.

But… as much as I loved indulging in Chopin’s Etudes or Beethoven’s Sonatas, I decided that life on the wooden bench wasn’t for me. As I explored other fields and organizations across campus, something struck.

It wasn’t until one day I randomly stumbled upon our Alumni Directory at UCLA and found this field called Interaction Design by chance that I discovered that creative expression through another means was possible. From learning the complexity behind the design of a single button to building out my first project creating a Rapid Prototyping Tool, I love how I’m able to harness and leverage real world data to innovate crazy and fun solutions to prevalent issues.            

Today, I’m able to happily and successfully tell my story through my own interpretations and creative expression to provide my audience with a great experience, whether it be visual or audible. From hearing “What can you do with a music major?” 😒 all my life, I’m proud to say that I have found a passion that might’ve been seemingly discrepant from my original path at first but has shaped me to become the Product Designer I am today. I absolutely love it. 

And I absolutely love making new friends, so please feel free to say hi! 💖
Edward Justin Chen
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Amanda Farber
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In the 30 minutes we had together you have helped me immensely!! I cannot thank you enough! 

Amanda!!! You are too sweet, thank you so so much you really didn't have to 😭

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Hoang Phi
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Justine, thank you so much for our "coffee chat" hehe would love to buy you one for real one day. Truly appreciate your help!! ☺️ ☺️ 

Thank you so so much Hoang, you are so awfully kind! 🥰 Always more than happy to chat :)