When it comes to creating waste, no industry or hobby is free from their part. For years, my goal has been to utilize as much of any non-recyclable resource as possible. Much of what I create is made of recycled and upcycled goods. Very rarely do I go out and buy new materials for a given project, aside from glue 😅. My favorite way to acquire new materials is garage sales! So much "junk" for me to turn into treasure!

No scrap left behind. Seriously, my cats love the little toys I make using fiber scraps. Head bands made from the wired stems of fake flowers. Garbage picked holiday decor turned elegant wedding decor. The possibilities are endless. There simply is no reason beautiful things cannot be made without all new materials. Single use plastics is at record highs, waste is blocking waterways and killing wildlife. We need to rethink all the objects we use daily and reimagine how society views trash.