Hey 👋 We're JZ and Daniel—a couple of people who like to make things. JZ’s wild ideas and Daniel’s ingenuity combine into super creative DIY projects. 

We do lots of DIY tutorials - in video form on YouTube, as well as written instructions on Instructables - so we can help others create awesome things! We do mostly out-of-the-box builds, but we also have some useful, everyday tutorials such as how to make a bench cushion, outdoor pillows, and more. 

DIYing is an awesome hobby, but an expensive one. Your donations will go to shore up our tool fund (see blog post for what we're currently eyeing). 

If you get some value out of our tutorials, whether that's you learn something new, get a crazy idea, or just have fun watching, we'd love your support!

And if you just want to keep up with our crazy builds and good times, follow our blog or subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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