My content on Instagram is free and I like to keep it that way.

Although sometimes fellow musicians want me to dig a little deeper into their accounts to see if I can fix their issues.

In order to do so I have to dedicate extra time, energy and resources to help artists like you.

Click here to get your profile review!

But wait, before you do I want to tell you what I actually do with this gig:

📊 I take apart your whole Instagram page to the finest of details

👤 Go over every single aspect of the profile & feed and guide you on how to improve

📄 Explain how to optimise your page to stand out from competition

👨‍🏫‍ Teach you Instagram Tips I have found & developed personally

📈 Explain why for every single aspect I teach

#️⃣ Provide a small list of relevant hashtags in the music niche to get you started

❓Answer any questions you might have

How this gig will benefit your instagram account?

You will create the best branding for your music account to stand out from competition.

You will build a strong connection with your followers and fellow musicians.

You will make your page look professional & trustworthy.

You will set your instagram feed up for best growth & engagement.

You will learn how to use hashtags to your advantage.

You will learn how to utilise all the platform features to your advantage.

Why me?

I've been on Instagram for quite some time and as a musician myself I have experienced all sort of struggle. I found that supporting other artists and building your own community is the only way forward. No musicians should be left behind. That's why I am fully dedicated to providing YOU the best service including in-depth growth analysis as well as optimised strategy and tips I've found working and interacting with other artists on the platform.

Now, you can click here for your Instagram profile review.

Don't forget to insert your Instagram page or the page that you want me to review, I will get back to you via email in 2-3 working days (yes it takes me that long, I'm a professional)

Thank you,