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The Birth of Just Skip Beat

Here's a little bit of my self-introductory. My name is Juanson from Malaysia. From a very young age, I love sports, I like getting active from time to time, I put my family and health as my first priority and I love to share my fitness journey with my friends and family. But I am not a personal trainer nor a coach. Just a guy staying ACTIVE all the time.

Just Skip Beat is a name that popped up in my mind when I decided to take my first ever jump rope that I've gotten as a Christmas present from a friend of mine and skip it to all the wonderful musics and songs the world can offer.

I will post my jump rope videos on my Instagram personal account from time to time especially during this Corona Virus lock down period. Hoping that my videos are able to inspire and encourage you and your love ones to stay healthy and strong by being active together at home while sharing family bonding session as well.

If you and your love ones find these videos entertaining and helpful through these difficult times then you can now #supportjustskipbeat by buying me a coffee. I would also accept instant noodles and potatoes at this stage!

Make sure you follow me on my Instagram account and stay tuned for my upcoming videos.

You can now view one of my videos on the link below...

Social Distancing - Day 21 (Just Skip Beat)

Please be safe and I wish you and your love ones to stay healthy, stay strong, enjoy the videos, grab a rope and have FUN.