Let's Get Sharp(e) About Politics
by J.W. Wilson

Through the 2018 Gubernatorial race in New York State we saw many candidates throw their hat in the ring to face off against the incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo. The list of:

  • Cynthia Nixon (Democrat, Working Families)

  • Howie Hawkins (Green Party)

  • Marc Molinaro (Republican)

  • Stephanie Miner (Serve America Movement)

Then we have Larry Sharpe (Libertarian).

Maybe I'm a bit biased because I am a Libertarian at heart, but listening to the man and his ideas got me to believing that there was hope for the decrepit state of New York.

It's no surprise that NYS is one of, if not the most corrupt states in the Union. With rising taxes, crumbling infrastructure, businesses leaving for other states, and shoot, even people leaving for other states at a rate of 100,000 people per year. Then on top of that the dreadful SAFE Act, "free" state college and a slew of other items that would have made our Founding Fathers rebel against decades ago.

This is all before 2020 and the Coronavirus pandemic that allowed Gov Andrew Cuomo to send sick patients to stay with elderly in Nursing Homes across Central NY. Now with the mandates of vaccination for the COVID-19, thanks to repealing the First Amendment of the Constitution in NYS which now doesn't allow for Religious exemptions for medical procedures, the state is ready to crumble.

But is it now, ready, for something new?

Back to Larry Sharpe.

As I attended many of his rallies and small town events, I was able to hear many of his ideas for the state of NY, and he was all too willing to share his ideas with other states as well to aid them getting back to a Libertarian mindset of governing.

Some ideas that I loved that Mr. Sharpe proposed were these:

  • cut taxes by allowing the State to "sell time/space" on state owned property. Example: the Tapan Zee Bridge (I mean Mario Cuomo Bridge); instead of charging citizens to cross the bridge both ways (which that money adds up, especially if you drive it everyday), why not sell advertising spot for that Bridge? Why not sell advertising to say Verizon? Home Depot? Walmart? Zales? Who cares? Call the bridge by that name, and have it in the contract that the company advertising would also be required to keep the bridge. They sure couldn't do a worse job than the State of NY does.

  • Offer Free Schooling. Now, now, I know what you think already. But this isn't by raising taxes. This is by using the taxes that are already allocated for schools. At the time of 2018 the cost to send each child to public school was around $22,000. What Larry Sharpe proposed was changing the school system to K-10. Allow those graduating 10th grade to choose what they wanted to do. Want to continue to 11th-12th grade? Great, we have a place for you and its covered. Want to go to college and feel you are ready for it? GREAT! We have 2 years worth of money for you to go to college and get started in furthering your education. Want to get out of school and get a job? That's amazing, we will store this money for you for a certain period, so if you decide that you want to go back to school, you will not have to worry about the expenses for 2 years.

  • Don't like those, or care about those? What about prison reform? I love the ideas and was made aware about some issues with the NYS prison system by these ideas. Like, allowing the Corrections Officers to be a part of rehabbing inmates!! Those COs who want to be a part of that will then get the proper training and then can be an integral part of inmates rehab and recovery to get out of the slippery slope of criminal life.

  • How about Family Law? Father's Rights? Well, the best way to describe the idea is a direct quote from Larry Sharpe. “Family law in New York is an absolute disaster. It is destroying the lives of children, fathers and often entire families by limiting the father’s rights, due to the errant focus of the courts.” – Larry Sharpe. I believe that statement speaks for itself.

Now, I'm not saying that Larry Sharpe would be the best choice for every single state in the Union. Nor am I saying that adopting some of these solutions would be the best for all states. But, it's the mindset of a truly small government, bringing issues back to city/county levels, eleviating the tax burden on the middle class, allowing small business to flourish to then bring more jobs to the poor and middle class, allowing the citizens to be a larger part of their own destiny, if you will. Keeping Government's hands out of our pockets and out of our lives.

I can say this, more Governors around our great nation would do well to read up on the propositions of Larry Sharpe and see how the Libertarian mindset could change their state for the better.

As far as Larry Sharpe and NYS is concerned, NYS would do well to have Larry Sharpe run again for the Governor spot.

You can find out more about Larry Sharpe, Libertarian at these links: