Praise be to Jesus on this beautiful day.

MMMM, there really is not much compared to that first sip of coffee in the morning!! Am I right? I'm right, right? It's ok. I have been an enjoyer of coffee for such a long time. I used to drink it all throughout the day, but as I have gotten older it seems that my tastes have changed a bit and I drink coffee in the morning and some in the afternoon, once in a while.

Either way, this post isn't really about coffee, per se, but more about the things that wake you up. Supply you with energy, and get your motor running, so to speak.

Over the last several weeks, maybe even over a month (I'm not sure, it didn't write it down) I have been taking the time to get myself straight in the morning. What I mean by that........

........ Well, I'll get to that in a moment.

See, after the invention of social media, and through a while of getting "trained" on it, i.e. learning to use the app, getting freinds/followers, learning about groups and pages, setting up my own pages, etc - all the things related to social media - I found that I was spending a good portion of my morning, and sometimes my day, perusing the social media feeds. Getting involved in conversations, trying my best to filter lies from truth, going down the proverbial rabbit hole in many and all things.

What did this get me?

I was setting myself up to fail throughout the day. I can say that. I failed on so many levels. I failed in arrogance, pride, relationships, work and I noticed that most of the time I was just unhappy, seeing lies and deceit and control everywhere.

This is how I was preparing myself for the day. Sounds fun right? HaHaHaHa - it wasn't.

I always wanted to get back to the days before social media and prepare myself for the day by doing things that I was taught a good 17+ years ago. Taking the time in the morning to be quiet, read/listen to inspiring words and meditate.

So, back to the original part of this post, this is what I have been doing for over a month, consistantly. Everyday. Without fail.

I have been listening to sermons every single day, and believe me there are a ton out there. There are apps you can download that have sermons, but I have been really getting used to using YouTUBE in the morning to listen to sermons. There are some good Biblical publications of daily devotions as well. One of my most favorite is "The Upper Room" which you can subscribe to for a minimal amount of $13/year I believe.

These are great for 10- 15 min, sometimes less, of reading. Then to meditate on those words.

NOW!! The word meditates meaning has changed for me. Once I was taught that to meditate simply meant to clear your mind, let the thoughts go, and just to listen. Letting go of all thought, trying to become one with all of creation and Source.

What does it mean to me today? I have been taught and guided that to meditate, in the eyes of God, is to keep His word in my mind, in my thoughts, in my speech, in my ears, in my eyes and in my actions at all times.

This is one reason why I started to listen to these sermons in the morning. Fill my ears, my thoughts, my eyes with the Word of God. Then, meditating on those words and keeping them in my thoughts and actions throughout the day.

All the while partaking in one of the most delicious drinks in all the world - coffee!!!

After this, while preparing breakfast, I'll usually put on a podcast that is talking about the Bible. My favorite as of late is the "Unashamed - with Phil Robertson" podcast. I absolutely love this podcast, they not only talk of their travels and adventures but they also talk of the Bible and the stories of Old Testament and New Testament, relating those stories to today's world, but also breaking these things down into words that keep it pretty simple. I love that part. I feel that sometimes we can get stuck into the head of all this and forget to get into the heart of all this. Sometimes we are lost in the details of the Bible and can't see the bigger picture. This podcast helps me to keep it all real, everyday.

Now, I am trying to allow myself to get to blog after this morning routine. This seems to be the next step for me, and I am trying not to balk on that.

So, what is it that you do in the morning to prepare you for the day? Is it something similar? Something different? Do you honor God and fill yourself with His word? Or are you bombarded with the words of the world?

Let me know in the comments, or email me back.

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Praise the glorious name of Jesus in all your actions today.

J.W. Wilson