Buy Two Gaming Dudes a coffee


We're unapologetically offensive, and we play the kinds of adult video games and anime that get most people banned from YouTube. We are the chosen rejects, and now, so are you.

We didn't start out this way... 

We used to play wholesome AAA and indie titles, but that got boring for everyone real quick. One day we played a hentai game as a gag, and everyone loved it! We got contacted by the developers thanking us for playing their games, we built an audience, networked with other game developers, and we quickly discovered our niche. Why fight it? Let's own up to who we are!

We want to support the developers of lewd and taboo content because what they do isn't easy and they don't receive much thanks, even though we all love playing their games. So when you support us, we give that money back to these indie otakus and programming pervs that you secretly search for in your incognito browsers and cleared histories. 

So watch our videos, enjoy our humor, let's play some nudie-games, and buy us a coffee.