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Trail Mix

Feb 07, 2023

Hello friends! It's 1am on a Tuesday, I'm usually off, but this week I work and here I am letting you know that episode 14 of the podcast is now available on Spotify, Apple, and Google Podcasts! Or you can listen right here!

This week, I'm discussing the connection between trail mix and writer's block. This one wasn't planned. It just sorta happened. To be honest, it was more me working through my own thoughts to overcome a creative block than anything and, after I'd written it all down, I decided it needed to be shared. Give it a listen.

I've also got plans on adding a regular live stream to the mix. I talk a little more about it in this week's episode. And I'll give more detail as I get things more together to get those started.

Be sure to spread the word about what I've got going on here!

Peace and love!

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