Good afternoon!

I just went live with a new post over at Medium entitled Help Is A Four-Letter Word. In that story, I reference actions being taken by the governors of two southern states, Texas and Florida, that should leave us all feeling at the very minimum uncomfortable.

If you haven't read the story yet and don't know what's going on, Governors Abbot (TX) and Desantis (FL) have been rounding up and sending migrants who have crossed the border into their states off to states that have Democratic leadership who have dubbed their states as sanctuaries for illegal immigrants. They are promising these people food, shelter, and expedited asylum processing to coax them onto planes and busses and sending them to places different from and situations other than what they were promised.

In other words, they are potentially violating federal human trafficking laws. But they are also creating a humanitarian crisis right here within our own borders all to bolster their own political aspirations.

The fact is, these people are running from something, and they have run right into the arms of more of the same kind of misleading and exploitation that they have been trying to escape.

These migrants need our help, not our abuse. But it seems like, for so many of us, helping others is a foreign idea. Why is this? What have we become? What can we do to change it?

Those are the themes I touch on in the latest story.

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