Hello and welcome to my BMC page! For those of you who follow me as well as newcomers to my site, I just wanted to clarify why I added a Buy Me a Coffee button. 

I have tried hard to put out helpful content to those of you who either support my efforts at fundraising for PKD, a disease of the kidneys I inherited from my mother, and/or the posts I write teaching others about alternative health. I live a keto lifestyle 80% of the time and show others how to do the same, through content like helpful articles, recipes, and products that make the journey easier. 

I was working a part-time job, yet due to multiple injuries, I have decided to work from home where I am safe. (most of the time, yet obviously accidents can happen anywhere!) The BMC button allows you to donate a small amount to yes, buy me a coffee, or I could choose to save what I'm given and use it to pay for office expenses or donate the money to the PKD Foundation. I actually have a separate place for those donations that can be done directly, so coffee money would really go toward my internet bill so I can keep on blogging!

I appreciate your support, I vow to keep on publishing helpful and relevant content!