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Author of the Galean Universe. 3D Artist and designer. Struggling blogger. Cat mom. Super Saiyan

Jaxon is an American fantasy writer and game developer currently living in Melbourne, Australia.

She’s been hard at work on the first book of The Galean Universe for nearly three years while finishing two degrees in both VFX and Game Design.

While she works steadily on getting Repentance accepted at a publishing house, she’s been developing a number of small projects including short stories starring Siggy Smith, an untitled comic and a The Lockwood Series, a mini-series following Cosima Lockwood, an ocelot shifter with a penchant for salacious trouble. 

The life of a creative mind is often hindered by the strategic placement of a cat. 
Someone bought 5 coffees.
Someone bought 5 coffees.

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It means more that you enjoyed The Chase than anything! <3