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Hi there 👋 I'm Kathy Borysiak!

I've been an Learning Experience Designer since 2013 and a creative dabbler since I could string words together. I've always felt a magnetic pull toward writing, design, and working with people. 

Throughout my career, I've created content and designed courses for Zillow, Nordstrom, Adobe, Microsoft, T-Mobile, the Gates Foundation, and Chopra Global. 

But for me, this work is deeper than that. It's about connecting to a deeper purpose; about helping others connect to theirs. 

Really, I approach my work like a spiritual practice: show up each day, give more than expected, accept what's offered, and push myself to grow. 

After working in-house as both an individual contributor and a people manager, I've switched gears to focus on sharing the wealth of knowledge I've accrued with others. I've mentored dozens of new and aspiring IDs, helping them transition into fulfilling, lucrative careers as instructional designers.

It's my soul's greatest joy to see others succeed. 💗

I'm especially committed to helping make professional development opportunities more readily available and accessible to those who could benefit most from it. Most of the things on this page are little passion projects/artistic ideas I've brought to life to meet that goal.

If you'd like to support my work, you can buy me a coffee or claim one of the "Extras"! I offer classes and mentor sessions, and occasionally put up free offerings.

There are plenty of rich learning nuggets to be found, and I hope to continue to grow this work over time. ✨

I really appreciate your support! Every little token of thanks and gratitude helps keeps the inspiration goin' and creative juices flowin'.

🙏 In gratitude, 


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