Buy Franziska Sattler (ohyeahfranzi) a coffee


Hi, my name is Franziska, and I run Kaffeeklatsch mit Wissenschaft - a Science Communication Café - in Berlin.

One of the main quality criteria for a good participation includes the engagement of everybody and the investigation of methods with which one can integrate the biggest possible diversity of views and perspectives. With “Kaffeeklatsch mit Wissenschaft” many people in small and (relaxed) large groups can examine a topic and ask questions without feeling intimidated.

If you enjoyed my digital science communication events at Kaffeeklatsch mit Wissenschaft, Soapbox Science Berlin, Pint of Science Germany and Science Borealis over the years, please take consider supporting me.
I volunteer for three out of the four of them and I have to support my coffee addiction 😋

Thank you so much for stopping by and I truly appreciate every single coffee!

Header: Sonja Kreft