kaichumchum’s Wishlist
Blair Willows

Not really a priority cosplay but considering 

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Glee From Fairy Topia

Would love to cosplay her! 

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Fade Costume

I already have her wig, but her wig needs restyling and i really want to pursue this cosplay 

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Megumi from Shiki

Shiki is one of my favorite animes! I really want to pursue this cosplan this year cuz ive been eyeing to do this for years now ~ 

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[Sponsored/Funded] Alice Nikke Goddes of Victory

Cosplay has been sponsored !! Thank you sponsor-sama 🥺💝____Cosplay set includes Costume, Wig, Props, Accessories 

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Flora Winx Club Cosplay

I would love to cosplay Flora from Winx Club! CostumeAccessories PropsShoesWig

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PC Upgrade

I need my processor and motherboard upgraded cuz i literally cant use my pc cuz it keeps crashing :((

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Mavis Vermillion

I would love to do a proper cosplay of her this time. Im a huge fan of fairytail and Mavis is one of my fav charas. 

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