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KAKX 89.3FM Student Powered Radio delivers a unique, quality experience for students and listeners. The station's focus is to educate students about radio broadcasting and promote an environment where students develop as professionals.

With your Buy Me a Coffee donation to KAKX 89.3FM Student Powered Radio, you are supporting a program that's been a part of leadership development, media creation, and student learning for over 25 years at Mendocino High School.

Our community (in Mendocino, CA) can listen to Student Powered Radio as far north as the Jughandle Bridge and as far south as the Navarro grade before Highway 128. To the east, our transmission range reaches 7-8 miles inland depending on topography. We're also streaming on multiple platforms at

Monies donated to this community will directly pay for equipment upkeep, equipment upgrades, music royalty licensing, professional membership dues (NBA, CBA), and legal fees associated with the FCC.