I have a new article up at Towards Data Science: "5 Best Practices for Nonprofit Data Management"

A few years ago when I pivoted from a career in communications to data analytics, I sought to remain in the nonprofit and social enterprise sector. I saw low-hanging fruit that could help these resourceful and mission-driven organizations lower expenses and maximize impact through developing a data strategy. However, as I began delving in, I quickly learned the hard way that many nonprofit organizations have poorly managed data, making it nearly impossible to perform any meaningful analysis. As the saying goes: “garbage in, garbage out.”

To save aspiring data scientists seeking opportunities in the nonprofit sector and social entrepreneurs hoping to build a robust data strategy from the same headaches I endured, I have developed 5 best practices . These 5 best practices represent the lessons I learned during my career pivot, organized from easy to hard starting with two “don’ts”, two “dos”, and one “dream big!”

The five best practices are:

  • Avoid color-coding spreadsheets manually

  • Don’t hardcode data into your website

  • Embrace relational data

  • Embrace qualitative and categorical data

  • Aspire to create & leverage synthetic data

Learn more about each best practice by reading the article here. Supporters without a Medium subscription can DM me for a friend link to get behind the paywall. 😉