Aries or Aries Rising

As Venus enters Aquarius on the 1st, you’ll have an opportunity to express your goals with individuals who can support the vision. Brainstorm with like-minded folks and you can develop a tangible plan of action. If used properly, this is a period of dream actualization through connection, just be sure that you remain open to the myriad of ideas and possibilities available!

Taurus or Taurus Rising

To ensure your career goals are in line with the greater good it is imperative that you reflect upon the interconnectedness you share with the collective. When Venus moves into Aquarius on the 1st, you have an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the passion that accompanies social progress. Can you intertwine this into the work you already do?

Gemini or Gemini Rising

If the state of the world acts as a weight on your shoulders, then this is a beneficial time to reflect upon your current beliefs. How can you exhibit the change you want to see collectively? With Venus’s shift into Aquarius, you have an opportunity to ensure that your life actions are in deep connection to your life approach. Adjustments may be necessary.

Cancer or Cancer Rising

Starting on the 1st, the energy of Venus in Aquarius might pull you to break out of your shell! This might be subtle energy calling you to improve the state of the world. Consider altruistic initiatives you can take to contribute in your own unique way. You have a big heart – it’s time to share that with the world!

Leo or Leo Rising

Leo's energy commands attention that is both inspiring and possibly intimating. Your challenge this month is to utilize your warmth to inspire others to take the spotlight. With Venus moving into Aquarius on the 1st, you have the support from the stars to shine your light on your friends and family as they step into their power.

Virgo or Virgo Rising

As Venus moves into Aquarius on the 1st, you have the opportunity to expand your focus. Although details are important, it is also vital to consider the bigger picture. Are there any patterns that need to be shifted in order to tune into your big picture goals? Consider your answers to this question by mapping out where you want to end up and working backward.

Libra or Libra Rising

Sometimes you might fall victim to sacrificing your authentic self-identity for the sake of social norms. Although diplomacy is your superpower it can also lead to a “people-pleasing” type of energy that leads to a superficial lifestyle. When Venus moves into Aquarius on the 1st contemplate how you can better express your true self. Time to let your ‘freak’ out, baby!

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising

On the 1st Venus moves into Aquarius, which can prompt past grievances to surface in order to heal them. Although this period might require you to deal with some of your less desirable memories, this process a vital part of your healing journey and it behooves you to confront and accept them once and for all.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising

Transparent communication doesn’t seem to be a problem for you. However, there is still a part of you that holds back from sharing all of it. With Venus shifting into Aquarius on the 1st, the challenge is to move beyond your comfort zone and share the aspects that you prefer to keep hidden. This is healing for you and helpful for others to experience.

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising

As Venus transitions into Aquarius on the 1st, you’ll like to have an opportunity to develop creative ways to earn an income. This may come through a friend, collogue, or your own intuition. Be careful of fear-based close-mindedness - the possibilities are endless when you embrace greater flexibility. Can you move beyond your past to carve a new future based on the current needs of society?

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising

When we consider the collective polarization throughout our world it can be easy to forget our intrinsic connectivity. However, the moment we tune in to our highest consciousness we remember the potential we carry when we share our hearts with others. As Venus moves into Aquarius on the 1st, consider how you can express your loving nature. Can you soften hardened edges?

Pisces or Pisces Rising

As the most empathetic sign of the Zodiac, you are likely to feel the pain of the world which, if neglected, can affect your mental state. Thus, it is imperative that you remain conscious of any unconscious tendencies that arise – especially as Venus moves into Aquarius on the 1st. Consider how you might be holding onto collective agony. Can you release it?