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Hello there 👽

My name is Kamíla and I'm doing film photography in my spare time. I started to capture the world around me on 35mm and 120 film about 3 years ago and fell in love with it instantly. 

To me, seeing someones confidence bloom in front of the camera is by far my favorite part about photography, which is why portrait photography captured my heart the most. I want to put my focus on people, no matter how they look like, where they come from, who they are into, I want everyone to feel comfortable and authentic in front of my lens, capturing their emotions and fleeting moments. 

If you like my work feel free to help me out with a roll of film, a coffee or just a nice message. 

You can check out my work at my website or my Instagram page @kamilaaksamit.

Also don't be shy and get in touch with me if you want to collaborate!