A spell for the Full Moon that is easy to do and will promote abundance and divine protection.


  • 1 black candle - protection candle

  • 1 tbsp of cloves - banishes evil

  • Water

  • Sage (incense or dried herbs)


  • Fill a bowl with water with the black candle beside it.

  • Light the black candle and the sage stick (herbs or incense) in a safe non-combustible.

  • Add the cloves to the water.

  • Breathe deeply 3 times.

  • Clear your mind. 

  • Gaze at the moon and focus on attracting its protective light.

  • Visualize a strong shield of light blanketing your auric field. Say:

  • Let the candle burn till it melts all the way. Take this time to meditate on your intentions and release it to the cosmos.

  • When you are ready, put out the candle. Leave the water bowl with cloves under the light of the Full Moon.