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Blogs at KAOS. Wrote for "The Next Wave" & "Black and Gay In The UK" Lost Melvin my baby of 15yrs to Covid. 

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Times are hard, but your support helps keep the lights on, and it means I can keep delivering LGBT news, reviews, pop culture and eye candy. Every contribution, however big or small, is welcomed. Thank you.

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Thank you so much! Your support really means the world, now more than ever ❤️ 

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Don't know much about you (here in Sydney Australia) but I like your work. You're in England, yes? Nice to see homosexuality/queerness and non-anglo-ness combined in the one place

Thank you so much! Knowing that I'm reaching likeminded peeps across the globe really makes it worthwhile ☺️  There's a short bio about me on my Twitter page, along with my picture, but I'll try to add something more detailed on KAOS

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Been following this site for years--thanks!!

Thank you so much, your support means more than you can imagine ❤️