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Hello k'musta 👋

Thank you for supporting my creativity in service of empowering kapwa. Here's a way you can buy me a cup of tea. I love tea!

Years ago, before FB, I posted on an old social media page:

I wanna be a kapwa supah-hero

I know it sounds funny, but really—I dedicate much of my creativity to creating conscious culture, connection, identity, sites, art & more.

What I believe I've been creating for kapwa for over 20 years: conscious gatherings, conscious tools and content in the form of cultural websites, organizing, workshops, Pinay empowerment, art, media. And more. I hope to do move videos and I hope to build mobile apps from the designs I've developed.

You can check out my workshops and any of the websites, art, organization, conferences, events, and blog posts that I've created or been a part of since 1997.

It all started when I created my first set of webpages ever in 1996. They were about my young adult experience of the amazing People Power movement in 1986 that ousted Marcos, a dictator, and his dynasty in the Philippines.

Soon after that, my next project was and Together they were the first websites created for and by Filipinas to establish an empowered Filipina identity online (1997). This was in response to which was a mail-order-bride site by 1995. Today, those two sites have evolved to the Conscious Pinay.

After that many kapwa connections and digital, cultural efforts followed. And with the help of wonderful Filipinas and Filipinos around the world, these efforts were enhanced and grew.

One of my sources of inspiration long ago was interacting with [email protected] all over the world in one of the first Filipino discussion listservs, Flipserve starting in 1995. After that I helped start two discussion groups on yahoo on pagbabalikloob (return to whole, authentic self) and babaylan with long-time friends—Leny Strobel and Letecia Layson who I met because of Filipino friends made on Flipserv.

This led to creating the organization of the Center for Babaylan Studies with Leny, Letecia and Baylan Megino. I worked passionately to help bring about it's first two major events, the First International Babaylan Conference of 2010 and the 2011 symposium retreat.

In between and throughout those times, I've also brought about all sorts of art, websites, community and more kapwa connections. These online advocacies are about sharing the beauty and universal wisdom of Philippine culture.

I have two focuses at this time.

The first focus is the social media campaign of the conscious understanding of the saying and tradition of bahala na. You can also find events here>

Maybe with your help that work can evolve further into a mobile app and a book. Ooohhh, kilig! The thought gets me excited.

The second focus is Conscious Pinay. Why is it important right now, as of 2020, to empower and raise the consciousness of Pinays? Well, right now, here's just one reason—teenage pregnancy in the Philippines is a national crisis. Google it to find more information.

In the beginning, when I started all this in the 90s I did this as full-time volunteer work. Now I do this on the side as if it were my second job. As a creative professional for a global company and for my advocacies—I bring to my work deepening insight, meaning, and connection through design, design thinking, leadership, digital content, art, mentoring and global community.

I sell prints and posters of the Babaylan Mandala and because it was spiritually inspired I donate the net profits two Tao Foundation in the Philippines and Center for Babaylan Studies in the United States. I've also given net profits to help out the Peter Project in the Philippines and the indigenous of Panay Island after Typhoon Haiyan.

You can learn about most of the different creativity-in-service that I've set my heart-and-being to by clicking through my website links below. No kidding, I created all these pages and works throughout the years.

The source of this prolific creativity and output is Love. My love of being a Filipina and for this thing called human experience in the Universe.

The works are the result of my dedication to kapwa and their awakening to their own pagbabalikloob and to pakikipagkapwa (sacred interconnection).

I intend to continue to add to and evolve all this works.

I know I'll be doing creativity in kapwa service for the rest of my life.

Thank you for buying me tea. Salamat.

Mabuhay to you all.


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