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End of the month thoughts

End of the month thoughts

Feb 28, 2021

We've been hanging out in eastern Colorado for a few weeks, braving the snow in our little meant-for-the-seaside RV. Ol' Lavigne is sticking through it like a champ, and it's so frickin' pretty out here.

Right now, we're parked on a snowy hillside in the forest, within sight of Pikes Peak, a 14,000-foot giant famous among driftu enthusiasts. This video shows some crazy views of the Pikes Peak Highway (and even crazier driftus):


We plan on making the drive to the top next week! Vroom vroom. 💨

Currently, I'm excited about this fantastic spicy bean soup we're cooking and thinking about chapter 5 of my WIP. The protagonist + friends are about to get into some serious shit, and I am stoked, especially about the creatures they'll encounter. I'll share some sketches once I get them on paper.

In everyday news, we've been doing a lot of hiking and having one-on-one time with nature. I've started to crave movement. My legs ache if I stay cooped up inside for too long. It's a nice change. We've seen some brutal sides to nature in our travels so far -- traveling through Colorado mountains during a winter storm, through dry-ass Phoenix with cactus barbs everywhere, staying in Lone Pine, CA with those WINDS that could blow you away -- but it's nice spending time with her.

Anywho. It's about writing time for me, so I'll sign off for now. Hope you're staying happy, and healthy, and enjoying life to the fullest.

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