The WHO's Pandemic Power Grab

The WHO's Pandemic Power Grab

Mar 14, 2022

Although the United Nations (UN) is partly responsible for the destruction of societies and economies in the name of Covid-19, its subsidiary, the World Health Organisation (WHO), is the main instigator. Taking advantage of a bad flu virus, it's set to obliterate what's left of our freedom and democracy. Situated in the luxury city of Geneva, the WHO is a putrid blight on humanity. It's run by a cartel consisting of 194 member countries, including South Africa.

Stuffed with dictators, this organisation of failure also acted as a propagandist for China in March 2020, and encouraged countries to implement the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) authoritarian and anti-science lockdowns.

The WHO is also a very wealthy organisation, funded in two separate ways from member states, and from organisations like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (GF).

The GF is one of the largest funders of the WHO, making its first donation to the organisation in 1998, and becoming its official partner in 2017; the only non-country to do so. In 2020, the GF gave the WHO $592,277, making it the second largest funder that year. This is small change for the GF, a sweetener to ensure that the WHO promotes its vaccine investments. Its subsidiary, GAVI, and its Covid-19 vaccine project, the Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator, monopolise the WHO. ACT is also spearheaded by the WHO, GF, Gavi, and the Wellcome Trust, with the latter a vaccine initiative. No wonder the WHO promotes unreliable Covid-19 tests and experimental vaccines.

The WHO is also a propagandist outfit for countries like China and organisations like the GF. President Donald Trump was wise to withdraw the US from the WHO in July 2020, accusing it of being under China's control. But President Joe 'Beijing' Biden rescinded this in January 2021, wielding two more deathblows to American freedom and prosperity by not only rejoining the WHO but by also appointing Dr. Anthony Fauci to represent the US on the WHO's Executive Committee.

Using Covid-19 as an excuse, Biden gave the WHO an extra $200million, proving yet again that this virus is an excellent money making machine. Given the grip that the GF has over the WHO, it's unsurprising that WHO enthusiasts like Secretary of State Antony Blinken attempted to crush dissent on vaccine mandates, calling this 'disinformation'.

Yet despite all this cash, the WHO consistently fails in its core endeavour, preventing real pandemics like Ebola. But this is to be expected, given who its director-general is. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus shilling for China is now well known. He is also a fanboy of Robert Mugabe, appointing him as Goodwill Ambassador for the WHO in 2017.

The WHO's Executive Board epitomes the concept that a fish rots from the head. Responsible for determining the agenda of the WHO, the board is composed of 34 representatives from member states, each who serve a three-year term. Most have questionable qualifications in heath. Syria, known more for being a proxy for the Iranian regime than a world leader in health, is a member. So too is Guinea-Bissau, a country where an excessively corrupt government ignores the harassment and hounding of journalists, and the practice of forced child labour. There, the police and judiciary shore up their salaries with bribes, and citizens can be arbitrarily arrested and put into indefinite detention.

Timor-Leste is yet another country that persecutes journalists yet holds a seat on the Executive Board. Security forces there are infamous for torturing prisoners. Austria, which has revived aspects of its original Nazism through its vicious Covid-19 vaccine mandates, sits on the board as well.

Joining these non-paragons of virtue is Belarus, an authoritarian state where civil liberties are scarce, internet access is strictly controlled by the government, and journalists are often arrested and beaten.

Despite the fact that the UN has admonished Belarus over its gross human rights violations, such as the beating of female journalists and activists in prison, the country was still elected onto the WHO's Executive Board. How much more proof is needed that the UN, and its subsidiaries, are inefficient, bloated quagmires of contradictions, run by a bunch of despots?

Further up the chain of command at the WHO, Officers of the Executive Board representatives from countries like Afghanistan; where women are subjected to harsh discrimination and persecution in the name of Sharia Law.

The UN, and all of its subsidiaries, is also vehemently anti-Semitic as well as being anti-democratic. The WHO is no exception. Its Executive Board consistently singles out Israel, a democratic state, as the only country to condemn, regardless of the gross human rights violations occurring elsewhere. Not only is this blatant Jew hatred but also an obvious deflection from human rights abuses practiced by board members in their own countries.

Given the makeup of the Executive Board, and the influence of the GF and CCP, it's hardly surprising that the next step for the WHO is the obliteration of what's left of universal democracy. In December 2021, the WHO began plotting to implement a global pandemic treaty, designed to over-ride national sovereignty. Spearheaded by the ACT, the sticky fingerprints of the GF are all over this. This treaty will be signed by all governments and will most likely be endorsed at the WHO’s 77th World Health Assembly in 2024. This power grab will enable the WHO to annul national constitutions and governments, and dictate a global response to pandemics; using its own warped definition of the term.

Governments are complicit too, with amoral politicians planning to sign up to this treaty and destroy what's left of their citizens' civil rights and freedoms. Cheerleaders for this treaty include western countries which have shown that they no longer value sovereignty and democracy.

In March, while the world was distracted by the conflict between Russia and the Ukraine, 25 governments and 'international agencies' – for which read the GF – signed a letter in support of this new treaty.

Signatories include the UK, Germany and Norway. The new Golden Boy of the UN, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, has also signed the letter. Despite their protests over Russia's invasion of the Ukraine, they all seem perfectly happy to let the WHO lead an invasion of their own borders on a far wider scale.

The South African constitution cannot be suspended by any outside law, party or organisation. Yet the president, Cyril Ramaphosa, ignores this, having also signed this letter championing global medical tyranny.

The letter is sinister in its Covid-19 propaganda and ruthlessness. This virus has a low mortality rate and was never the pandemic the WHO claimed it to be. Yet this letter describes Covid-19 in hyperbolic terms, calling it 'the biggest challenge to the global community since the 1940s'. This is indeed a convenient excuse for the WHO's power grab.

The challenge wasn't Covid-19 but the obliteration of entire economies and civil liberties by global governments in response to it. The treaty's 'One Health' mantra promotes one-world government, and has sinister overtones with both fascism and socialism through the concept of the 'greater good', used to crush dissent.

The WHO also states that the treaty will heed the lessons that need to be learnt from Covid-19 'pandemic'. But these are not the lessons that should be learnt but rather a sinister threat that more punitive measures will be imposed on a global population in the name of a 'pandemic'. Those dominating the WHO, from assorted despots and their love of tyranny to the GF and its vaccine obsession, will be given unlimited power to oppress billions in the name of 'health'. Given this, it's realistic to expect that this treaty will result in far more brutal future lockdowns, vaccine and mask mandates than those perpetrated in the past two years.

South Africans are especially vulnerable to this medical tyranny. While many South Africans are struggling to afford food and energy costs, Ramaphosa was living it up at a recent ceremony in Brussels, where the country was one of six 'chosen' by the WHO to be a guinea pig for new mRNA vaccine technology.

Not content with turning South Africans into cash cows for the manufacturers of the Covid-19 vaccine, the government is now partnering up with the WHO and the GF to implement mRNA vaccines in the country. GF sponsored companies like Biovac, will be manufacturing these.

South Africans have suffered enough. This worrying development is connected to the pandemic treaty. It's feasible that South Africans will be forced to take future mRNA vaccines they don't need or want under the instruction of the WHO.

The damage inflicted on global health by this organisation in the name of Covid-19 is an ominous sign of far worse to come. Should the pandemic treaty be implemented in 2024, the current devastation executed upon us all by the WHO and its overlords, the CCP and the GF; will seem like child's play.

The WHO will then have unaccountable power and dominance, crushing any dissent and causing mass suffering. We must not wait until 2024 to stop this heinous threat to global civil rights, freedom and democracy.


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