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Hey fellow book lover! I'm writing spicy PNR/UF & fantasy romance books. I'm on a journey creating awesome stories for you to enjoy. Audiobook production is beyond my reach, but I am aiming for professional narration for all my books. In the meantime, I will be narrating my own books here, and they will be available to members as I work my way through my catalogue. That's going to be thirsty work!

For now 'buying me a coffee' (or a few) will help me get started with purchasing the equipment I need. There are no chapters available yet, but if you become a member then you are amazing, and I will let you know as soon as the first chapters are available. I will also send you a free e-book gift to keep you going until there is some audio available.

Thank you for your support to help keep me on my creative path! 

I hope you enjoy the narration of my books. (remember that I am a writer, not a professional audiobook producer so do not expect perfection) If you'd like exclusive insights into my writing, deleted scenes, early cover reveals, and a look into my work in progress plus its development into a full publishable book, then please consider supporting my Patreon. 

Thank you so much for your support!