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I'm Manó Karlinger, a CG-Architect award winning 3D artist, teacher and composer based in Hungary. With more than 12 years into this field and experience from one of the leading 3D studios of the world, I am here to help!

I started to develop my skills for different artistic mediums at an early age and I found that it's a long and bumpy road to enter the world of visualization, especailly if one have other commitments during making the first steps. Therefore, I dedicate myself to help, direct and teach those who are willing to start this extremely complex and yet beautiful profession of the digital world. I'm a university teacher, I also make courses and, of course I undertake one-o'-one mentorship, where I closely follow and navigate your development in your comfortable pace and taking your specific interests and needs into consideration. I also have a mission to build a strong community, where people with different strengths and experience can help each other. I believe these kind of realtionships are the key aspects to develop yourself and to get the courage, put yourself out there and accept constructive criticism. I also open to answering your upcoming questions and concerns anytime.

What are the main topic you can approach me with? My main focus is architectural visualization and everything that comes with it. Specifically, you can come to me with questions about the technicalities of this area.

I teach the following software:

Advanced: 3ds Max, Vray, Corona, Forest Pack Pro, Marvelous desinger, Photoshop, Reality capture

Basics: Tyflow, zBrush, Indesign, Rhino

I have a deep knowledge about the main workflows of archviz. Where to begin? What is the whole process? What are the main stages of an archviz project? What is the value of my work? How to develop myself

I can guide you through the journey of creating a portfolio which represents You as a person but also meets the requirements of getting a job at the field of archviz.

You can develop the following skills with me:

Artistic vision, software technicalities, brand and style building, image development, composition and framing ability, understanding color, materials and light, targeting your work, self-check and self-criticism, photography and photogrammetry.

If you need my help, reach out and have a chat or start learning with me.

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