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Whilst exploring my own life through recipes, writing and photographs, I wonder what memories my posts evoke for you.  The world is vast, yet we often have so much in common. I have begun to post photos, thoughts, stories and recipes and would love to hear from you.  

This is a work in progress - a mission for the new year - so please do call back often and visit the links as I shall build upon them as the weeks go by.

Please browse my photos on the Life's illusions Pexels or Unsplash pages.  They are free for you to use although a coffee, or new notebook and pen would be greatly appreciated, as would credit and a link back of course.  

If you are enjoying my writing, pop over to my Simily or Medium page, a coffee really helps with inspiration.  I  appreciate your reading my work and responses keep me enthusiastic - I write for you!

If you are looking for written content -creation, edits or proofing- please email me.  I greatly enjoy this work and derive huge satisfaction from having a happy client!