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Dear Friend in Co-Creating Our Regenerative Future,

My professional aim is around working hands-on with micropreneurs to discern, design, and grow regenerative biz ecosystems that become the seeds for a hyperlocal regenerative economy.

In all of my work, I'm deeply called to serve individuals and communities who have less access to financial resources due to systemic economic realities.

I do it often, with dedication and joy.**

Would you like to contribute to my (and my clients') efforts to co-create regenerative businesses:

Invest Social Capital:

- Refer to me potential clients who are delighted to pay my fees, because they are so excited about and understand the value of this work. Once my basic needs are covered, I often subsidize pro-bono work out of my own pocket.

- Send me a 2-line testimonial to [email protected] highlighting how my work has supported your livelihood journey.

- Connect with @regenepreneurs and amplify on social media (links below) or Medium - I've written some articles there that folks are responding to.

Share financial capital

- Buy me a "perennial" (hence the picture above of me eating the fresh leaves of a Linden tree!) to make a one-time donation by clicking on the "Support" with the heart icon on the top right of this page. Ongoing monthly or annual memberships are particularly helpful, as they will provide reliable funding that enables me to dedicate an extended time working in-person with a micropreneurial endeavor to get them really solid in both regeneration and a clear biz model, and the capabilities to keep developing their endeavors. You can also sign up at (or using the links below) to receive occasional but heartfelt posts about the day to day joys and challenges of doing this work.



Karryn Olson

**In addition to current and future work, in the past, I've offered hundreds of hours of pro-bono labor in permaculture organizing, supporting women's leadership, social permaculture, anti-oppression work, addressing sexual harassment in permaculture, regenerative right livelihoods, working with an Indigenous family on their farm and products/offerings in Costa Rica, etc....

I've also put together this free mini-course that supports you to discern your regenerative right livelihood path.

If my work has supported you on your life and livelihood path, I deeply appreciate reciprocation of support.

Support Karryn
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