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Hello, there. I have 9 years of Software Development Experience. I started with C, CPP for Set-top box middleware development. I used the same skills in Android multimedia framework development in CPP and a brief period of Backend development and Frontend development with Java, HTML, CSS and JS. I moved on to iOS application development using CPP, Swift, and Objective-C.

Over the last few years, I have started diversifying technical skills to cover iOS application development, Android application development and middleware for audio/video applications using C and C++. This has exposed me to many other domains and tools that are versatile enough.

Love to solve real world/customer problems. I enjoy all challenges this industry offers; delivery, leadership, technology, customer satisfaction, innovation and on-going learning. Each project is different.

My development and leadership styles are quite similar. I like to keep things simple, stay agile and responsive, so I can meet requirements quickly. I tend to design and plan my way to avoid “big-bang” deliveries, preferring an incremental approach with an element of fail-fast.

I love being creative, exploring and broadening my horizons, doing things in high quality, writing highly readable, clean, maintainable source code. I am an enthusiast of coding and technology. 

I would love to help you with regard to iOS development both swift and object ve-c.

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